What is Benchmark Thyme and What Are Its Benefits?

Benchmark Thyme is a unique blend of ethically grown (chemical and pesticide free) Thyme cultivars, taken from four species of benchmark thyme. The cultivars are hand picked to provide the most effective composition of aroma-chemicals, all whilst being gentle on the skin.

While you might associate this fragrant herb with the kitchen, it provides more than just flavour for your omelettes and roast potatoes - there are a huge range of benefits that Benchmark Thyme can have on your body and mind.

This begs the question,

What Are the Benefits of Benchmark Thyme?

Benchmark Thyme can:

  1. Act as a natural disinfectant and antiseptic.

  2. Lower your blood pressure.

  3. Boost your immune system.

  4. Improve your gastrointestinal health.

  5. Disinfect and heal wounds.

  6. Deter pests.

  7. Relax your muscles.

  8. Boost your mood and relieve stress.

  9. Help you sleep.

  10. Relieve a dry cough.

  11. Remove acne and blackheads.

And this list is not exhaustive! There is more research to be done to uncover other benefits Benchmark Thyme might have. You might find a new, as yet undiscovered, benefit through your own use of Benchmark Thyme! Please do let us know about it if you do.

And It's The Best Thyme for It!

As we emerge from the other side of a pandemic and begin to mix with more people, now is perhaps the best time to give Benchmark Thyme a go. It is a natural antiseptic and has antimicrobial properties that are similar but more powerful than even Tea Tree Oil, to help protect you and your family against viruses and other nasties. All whilst helping to clear up skin and scalp problems and thereafter maintaining healthy skin and hair.

If you do happen to fall ill, Thyme is great for respiratory health, with some clinical studies showing it can ease and soothe coughs and chest congestion. Remember that Benchmark Thyme is not a substitute for medical care or antibiotics though. If you have a serious health concern, it is best to contact your doctor.

what are the benefits of benchmark thyme
Pour a cup of boiling water on top of the dried herb and infuse for l0 minutes to make a rejuvenating herbal tea and feel the benefits.

Where Can I Get Benchmark Thyme and How Do I Use It?

We believe New Dawn is the only company in the UK to make products with Benchmark Thyme. Our products enable you to benefit from Benchmark Thyme just by using them in your daily hair and skincare routines.

You can even benefit by using it to shave especially as it is a great natural remedy for, and protection against, folliculitis, razor bumps, shaving rash and those pesky in-grown hairs. We'd recommend using the Hair Conditioner on dry skin instead of shaving foam (we love it) or the Wash or Solid Soap for the actual shave, followed by the Rich Cream for dry skin types or the Light Cream for all other skin types.

Our Benchmark Thyme products come in many different sizes including sample and refill sizes:

We also stock the most popular of our Benchmark Thyme products as part of a sample pack, which enables you to try small sizes before committing to larger ones. All of our products have a delicious fresh herbal Thyme aroma and feel gentle and soft on your skin.


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Most of these products require little explanation, but if you're unfamiliar with the essential oil it requires a little more guidance. As well as a couple of drops in a cup of tea, you can:

  • Use it in a diffuser.

  • Mix it into your bath water.

  • Add a couple of drops to a steam inhalation bath.

  • Use it as part of a hot compress.

  • Mix it with a base oil for massage.

  • Put a drop onto the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and inhale - but don't inhale too much in a short period of time.

  • Put a little on the soles of your feet after your shower in the morning to give your immune system a helping hand to protect you during the day.

Browse our full range of natural, organic, sustainable and vegetarian/vegan products tailored to your concerns or categorized by aroma on our website. For more discussions and top tips from our experts, head over to our blog page.


Written by Holly Charman, for New Dawn Organic Skin & Hair Care.