Meditation for Beginners

I've been enjoying meditation for many years. It all started when I decided to join a guided meditation group that met once a week. I loved escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life to join a lovely group of people in visualizations where we'd mind travel to amazing places.

One Wednesday we'd float off into the quietness of outer space floating around the moon looking down onto planet earth. The next week we'd be walking barefoot down a soft grassy path on a warm summer's day, ending up floating in a still clear pond feeling the warm water softly caressing our skin.

Nowadays I meditate by myself every morning before starting my day. To me it's the most important thing I do as it gets me off to a good start, setting the tone for my whole day. I try to make the good feeling last as long as possible, refocusing on something to appreciate as soon as I recognize any negative feeling thoughts.

Over the years I have modified my meditation process many times and what I have found is that, as with many things in life, 'less is more'. The simpler the better. Here are some tips from me if you'd like to give my current meditation technique a go...

My Meditation Tips:

  1. Make meditation one of the first things you do before looking at emails or turning on the radio.

  2. Meditate once a day for 15-20 mins only.

  3. I have a variety of sounds available to choose from to help me focus for 15-20 mins: a) A playlist of 20 mins relaxing music with no words. b) A free app called 'White Noise' c) Open a window and listen to the birds. d) Listen to the sound of my aroma diffuser. c) Just focus on my breathing.

  4. Download any apps or playlists you're using so you can set your phone to 'Aeroplane' mode.

  5. If you're using your mobile phone to time your meditation make sure it's set to 'Aeroplane mode', that 'Sound' is set to 'Silent' and that your alarm is a lovely soft one and is not set to vibrate.

  6. Sit in a quiet place where you are not likely to be disturbed.

  7. I like to set my diffuser to puff my favourite essential oil aromas into the air. I find this helps to ground and focus my mind. They also help to calm my self-talk and elevate my feelings of positivity. Below I have listed my favourites and also given you a 20% off promo code for all our Essential Oils.

  8. Sit up straight in a chair that supports your lower back, with your feet flat on the floor in front of you.

  9. Set your intention just to enjoy this peaceful time that is just for you. Nothing more than that.

  10. Close your eyes lightly.

  11. Take three deep breathes whilst relaxing your jaw, your facial muscles, your shoulders and any other muscles that feel tight.

  12. Count another ten deep long breathes (in your head) and then just listen to the sound you have chosen.

  13. Be patient and loving with yourself. Your mind will wonder or you might get distracted from your focus by a sudden noise...just as soon as you notice your mind has wondered off, bring it gently back to the sound you're focusing on.

  14. Even if, out of the whole 20 minutes, you only get 2 mins of a quiet mind you will have benefited immensely. The 2 golden rules are to be easy on yourself and meditate every day. Even 10 mins is better than nothing.

Within a week or two or three of enjoying this simple meditation every day you will feel the benefits in your mind and body.

what are the benefits of benchmark thyme
This is one of my favourite meditation spots on top of our local mountain overlooking the sea.

My favourite Organic Essential Oils for meditation are:

Lemongrass - I use this often to help clear my mind and aid concentration.

Ylang Ylang - Exhibits exceptional calming and relaxing properties. Promotes the release of negative thoughts, reducing stress, sadness, anger, frustration, and nervous tension. Which all leads to it uplifting my mood.

Patchouli - Has a calming scent that seems to be balancing and grounding to my psyche. It is perfect for when I think my day is going to be really hectic and I feel I really need to be in control.

Peppermint - Seems to help relax my muscles and improve my deep breathing.

Tea Tree - Known to be purifying and cleansing. It is a great oil for detoxification and has an earthy smell that fills the room. If you are feeling like you are being dragged down by toxicity in your life, tea tree oil might be the one to sit down with for a while.

Rose Geranium - Works with the natural chemistry of the brain to help support focus and cognition, while also helping to decrease stress and agitation. Also seems to help me with hormone balancing.

Lavender - Helps with anxiety promoting stress-reduction and relaxation. Best used for meditation (and in the bath) at the end of your day.


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Please comment below with any questions. I'm also excited to hear about your experiences and any modifications you make to suit you that might benefit others...including me 😌

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Written by Dawn Nelmes, for New Dawn Organic Skin & Hair Care.

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