How to Shave Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly shaving has become more important than ever in the 21st century. In the USA alone, two billion single-use razors end up in landfills, causing major environmental issues. It is easier than ever to make the switch to sustainable and organic products, in order to reduce a harmful impact on our ecosystems.

Here's a surprise...Dawn's favourite product for shaving is our Organic Hair Conditioner! She uses it exactly like shaving foam on dry/slightly damp skin and says it gives her such an easy smooth shave leaving her skin soft and beautifully conditioned. Give it a try and let us know if you agree in the comments below.

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It's time to ditch the disposable razor...

Disposable razors are not easily recycled in the UK and they are made up of many harmful materials; the handle is plastic with a rubber grip and the head is a mix of metal blades encased in plastic. The blade itself is extremely hazardous, especially within a landfill site.

As a society, we thrive on cheap and easily accessible products. Single-use razors fit this bill perfectly - with a variety of bright colours and stylistic features, it is no surprise that we are drawn to such products as consumers, without any consideration of environmental impact.

There is a huge market for environmentally-friendly razors at the moment. A few of our favourite picks are the Bambaw Safety Razor made of sustainable brass and the Jungle Culture Safety Razor made from stainless steel.

The way forward? Sustainable and organic products

Unfortunately, razors are not the only culprit in generating plastic waste when it comes to shaving. The shaving creams and gels we use are also harmful to our environment if they are not sustainably and organically sourced.

You may not know anything about glycols, PEGs, and isopentanes - but these are the chemicals within the products most of us use daily. When these products enter the water ecosystem, they can have extremely damaging effects.

These pesky chemicals are unable to dissolve in water, meaning they can impact the growth and health of animals and plants, and thus, humans. Think about it: the chemicals drain into the water eco-systems, which are then absorbed by fish, and consumed by us.

It's time to make a change

But, what if we were to tell you that you can easily access affordable products, without causing harm to the environment? It is entirely possible for razors and shaving products to be sustainable and organic, without breaking the bank.

By using these products, you will be looking after your body and well-being, whilst reducing environmental harm. Definitely a win-win solution.

Products for the perfect shave...

A huge majority of our products are multi-use, meaning you can use them for skincare, hair-care and shaving. Having an amazing yet sustainable product in one is great for accessibility and practicality.

Here are a few suggestions, but there are many more available on our website where you can shop by product, concern, or aroma.

Our favourite aromas and products for shaving are...

  • Tea Tree Gel Wash- for stubborn skin prone to ingrown hairs, great for anti-bacterial purposes

  • Lavender Soap - for a soothing and calming aroma

  • Aloe Vera Conditioner - for a smooth shave, perfect for sensitive skin due to its anti-inflammatory and unscented nature

  • Soaps - glycerin-based for a smooth, moisturising lather

  • Gel Wash - for the perfect lather, a little goes a long way! Multi-use for your face and hair also

  • Rich/Light Cream - to soothe and protect your skin after shaving

  • Natural Scrub Soaps - in a selection of rejuvenating and calming aromas, suited to your needs, perfect for exfoliation before shaving

Natural Scrub Soaps

Our Natural Scrub Soaps are the perfect exfoliant to get your skin prepared for a shave. Free from parabens, sulphates and perfumes, you can be sure that you are treating your skin with the most organic products.

Available in the following aromas:

  • Rose Geranium & Oatmeal - combined with aloe vera for comfort, and exfoliating rose for an aromatherapy experience. Perfect for a wind-down.

  • Fresh Coffee & Turmeric - freshly ground Fairtrade coffee beans and organic turmeric. Providing rejuvenation for a motivating wake-up experience.

For sensitive skin...

For sensitive skin, we recommend our Aloe Vera Unscented range. Containing antioxidants, healthy enzymes, and Vitamins A and C, aloe vera is perfect for its anti-inflammatory functions. Here are a few of the products that we recommend for shaving:

The soap itself is perfect for lathering, ensuring a smooth and pain-free shave. Use our light and rich cream range to soothe and calm your skin afterwards. Our skin needs TLC as much as you do!

Browse our website to find the perfect products for you, and do not hesitate to contact via email or call us at 07905 451 466.

Written by Molly for New Dawn.