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Hey...breaking news! Last Thursday Andrew swopped his shorts and flipflops for a suit!

Oh and Aled (the poser in the middle) graduated with a first in Music Business. He has been our Social Media manager for as long as I can remember and has a real heart for sustainable business having already gained lots of experience working as a freelance digital marketing consultant. His message to you is 'gizza job'...especially if your sustainable business is in Canada, America, Sweden, ....

About 2 months ago Lloyd our eldest landed his dream job. He graduated a few years ago in Marine and Fresh Water Biology and now works as project coordinater at New Dawn's favourite local charity Sea Trust. He springs out of bed each morning with thoughts of how best to save our oceans and it's wildlife from plastic and pollution. He talks with passion as he guides people around the Sea Trust aquarium revealing the fascinating creatures that are normally hidden from sight below the Pembrokeshire seas, transferring his own awe and wonder to others and helping them care more about our planet too.

Sustainable living

Both boys are invaluable to New Dawn. They love our family business not just because they both worked for New Dawn to help finance them through Uni but because they love and share our ethos. They are both inspiring us to become more sustainable every day. We are aiming to be plastic free by the end of 2018!

Just this weekend Andrew rowed for Wales in Sweden. Oh yes...at the lovely 'ripe', but definately not 'over-ripe' age of 58 he has been picked to represent Wales in his beloved sport of sea rowing. How's that for defying gravity!

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People keep saying to me 'you must be proud' and I say 'yes I am' but I was wondering why I am not feeling it as much as I think I should. Then I realised that I have always been proud of all three of them and always will be, not so much because of what they have done but because of who they are being whilst they do it.

So it seems to me a happy life is not so much about achieving goals as it is about who you're being on the way.

Who in your family would you like to shout about? I'd love to know!

Dawn x

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