Meet Team New Dawn: Andrew Nelmes

Remember those outrageously silly and frankly somewhat embarrassing videos we released over Christmas with giveaways? No? You can watch them (at your own risk) here.

Well, my dad Andrew featured as your dancing Christmas Elf. Yeah... Anyhow, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce him; the main man behind the production, delivery and engineering of our organic skin and hair care products.

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Husband of Dawn, director of New Dawn (see what we did there?) and Head of Production - Andrew knows his way around processes and engineering.

Andrew began his journey in Monmouthshire and started his working life as an apprentice engineer for Lucas Girling designing everything from tools to CCTV systems. He has always been a practical and logical thinker.

After two years of Dawn running New Dawn as a solo act, and Andrew spending a lot of time away from the family on work trips to China, Italy and Sweden; he dropped the job and New Dawn became a family business. His mechanical mind made production quicker and more efficient whilst retaining the reassuring 'handmade in small batches' quality standards.

We always claim that Andrew is the most 'mindful' of the family. A technical brain matched with a simple way of life: working and ROWING. ...We think he's pretty oar-some... sorry! Upon realising their dream of moving to beautiful Pembrokeshire in 2005 Andrew swiftly joined the rowing team at Newport Boat Club and is currently training with the Welsh Coastal Sculling squad. He is also part of the UK's oldest Australian Surf Boat Rowing team known as the NOBS (Newport Old Boys).

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Part-time elf, full time father and big time soap creator.

Written by Aled Nelmes.

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